Friday, November 1, 2013

"You know what Gators don't like? Getting thrown around!"

I thought this was a pretty neat demonstration of the risks of mega-skew, and also showcases some neat plays. This is a Round 4 WTC game between Team Sweden (Maelok) and Team USA (Doomshaper1):

Some highlights/thoughts:

  • Killing your own Gatormans bottom of 1 so you can get a Revive missile - good way to get high priority targets like Shifting Stones, or to jam up melee heavy armies like Trolls. Keep in mind 7 life on a Gatormans and 3 fury is a steep cost.
  • Trolls have a huge anti-incorporeal aura, so not that great for Maelok at first glance.
  • Notice how the Troll player (Jason Flanzer, the best player in the world) decides to lead with his heavy beasts up front. This is a smart move because anyone who is familiar with Gators is that they suck at cracking ARM 20+.
  • Thus the Maelok player (Rickard Nillson, with the sexy Swedish accent) cannot really do much as he cannot effectively kill the beasts and he cannot use his feat to get at the softer underbelly of Runeshapers and Krielstone. What results is a long game where Gators get slowly ground down and knocked down by Troll throws and Runeshaper spells (made more exciting by an entirely unnecessary assassination run).
  • Gators don't usually mind being knocked down, because Rise for 1 is a great animus. However, you have to take Wrastlers for that, and this Maelok list has only one heavy (Snapjaw) since it is skewed so hard for Posse Spiny Growth spam. 
 In conclusion, take Rask vs Trolls when you can :)

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