Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gatormans video review

Counter Slam, a Warmahordes vidcast, just did a review of the Gatormans "faction".

The video is unlisted at present, but you can find it HERE.

The hosts run through most of the primary models used in Blindwater lists along with their rules, combined with some close-ups of the painted models. Calaban, Boneswarms and Croak Hunters are entirely absent.

Minor correction - Ornery doesn't allow you to make the retaliatory attack in response to a free strike as the enemy attack has to be made during the opponent's turn. Yes, Ornery is really not very useful.


  1. It's occasionally funny in situations like Ghetorix+pMorvahna Harrow...

    1. I can see how it's a bit better on a MAT 7, P+S 19 reach warbeast with Unyielding, especially if you have Primaled him and rolled awesome so have fury to spare.