Friday, July 22, 2016

Post Mortem

Like all good death metal, a post from beyond the grave.

No, I haven't started playing again. Well, sort of.

Here's a summary:
  • I sold all my Gator stuff a little while before Mk3 was announced. No regrets.
  • I got pretty hyped about Mk3 release, almost entirely because of the super fresh memes that were created, including leading the Memesider Committee. Good times. Also Hungerford is single-handedly carrying that company on his back in terms of PR. What a boss.
  • Upon release, I was pretty disappointed, and didn't have my hopes up too high to begin with. Mk3 addresses the stale meta issue and the living updates issue (both pretty well, in theory anyway) but not the other problems I have with the game . Circumstances around the release have also made me generally pessimistic for the mid to long-term health of the game. 
  • I've played maybe 5 games of Mk3 now, and it is very much the same game. Needless to say I didn't really enjoy any of them.
  • If you really liked Warmachine before and have lots of disposable income, you'll love Mk3. If you're like me and that bus has passed you by, then you look elsewhere.

No matter. There are plenty of fun minis games out there to play, and my life is plenty busy between family, work and other hobbies.

In terms of minis games to use up my limited free time, I've picked up Guild Ball (to the best of my knowledge the best competitive minis game on the market at the moment) and Infinity (perhaps the best mass-produced models out there, and a fun and cinematic albeit not super tight/competitive game experience). IMO both have significantly better quality models and fluff on average than present day Warmachine, and produce fun gameplay experiences for entirely different reasons.


The main reason I am posting here is to say that I will be playing in the WM/H World Team Championship with my old friends on Team Slovenia. I am borrowing some Menoth for the event and fully expect to go 0-6. Given that I started playing in Slovenia with these same guys almost 10 years ago, I thought it a fitting end to my almost decade-long Warmachine "career".

So if you happen to come by this post AND you're going to be in Amsterdam for the WTC, drop by and say 'hello', maybe buy me a quality european beer or six. I can regale you with nostalgic tales of old, salty tales of the present, and nihilistic tales of the future.


PS - I think Minions are one of the better Hordes faction in Mk3. 

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  1. Shame to see you depart JS, this blog has been a great help over the last few years. All the best!