Friday, June 5, 2015

Croak Raiders spoiler + Raider Gobbers

Here are the cards.

PC: 5/8, FA:?

Thank goodness they have Vitriol!


On the Croak Raiders: 
  • The Oil rule is ok in Blindwater and situationally very good for non-Minion armies that have a lot of fire, like certain present and future Legion/Skorne/Troll builds. You take a min unit, deploy them somewhere safe, and bring out the Oil Gourds when it's damage time.
    For Blindwater, given that (to my knowledge) we have zero fire-based attacks, the Gourd bomb only synergizes with the unit, which is alright at RNG 8. It basically allows them to do some work against heavier targets. Boosted POW 12 + continuous fire is no joke.
  • The most important stats are RAT 6, RNG 10, POW 12 on the darts. That is very good for a ranged unit. Throw in auto-fire, and situationally allowing for boosted damage rolls, and you're looking at a pretty good unit.
  • The rest of their card is mediocre or mostly meaningless - their defensive stats are average, Gang is more of a Croak fluff rule than anything given their melee stats, and Vitriol doesn't mean much since they will die to almost any melee attack in the game. It has "fun" potential with Zombify so they can make tough rolls and then your opponent rages and then you crank out your skill and make 4 more tough rolls and deny your opponent a scenario point, kill his unit with Corrosion next turn, then win on scenario. You can all have so much fun with Tough. Thanks, Soles.
  • Advance Deploy allows you to position them where you want - I think most of the time that will be behind your Gator wall so they don't get AoE-ed or shot to death by POW 10s.
  • In terms of caster synergies:
    - Obviously they go great with Barnabas on account of Swamp Pits and his feat. Potent infantry clearing and assassination potential, plus the ability to protect them from getting shot by low POW guns - you can cluster them around a Spitter so they don't die to blast damage while in there!
    - Rask always loves guns since he can play very cagey if he wants.
    - Maelok doesn't get a whole lot out of them.
    - Jaga likes everything so she can make them work - Spellpiercer makes everything sing. The only danger is them getting shot up, but that's a problem Jaga's infantry has in general.
    - Calaban brings Parasite. That's boosted POW 15s at range, which in theory sounds amazing but then again it is Calaban so I won't wrack my brain too hard trying to make it work.
  • Overall, pretty cool. I look forward to playtesting them in the far future when I play again.

On the River Gobbers:
  •  The range on the guns seems too short for them to be an AD jamming unit. 12" (+base size) threat range with low stats isn't fantastic. Also too short to be a shooting unit. No - this unit is all about the Reeled In and Weaken rules.
  • To me, it seems they would be useful as a backline, late game unit. You keep them back doing nothing, and then when things start dying and lines engaged, you shoot your harpoon through a tiny gap and block a charge lane. Or you could just charge a target for the -2STR and -2DEF debuff, which gets really significant in a grind game.
  • The positioning options are also interesting, since you can do things like hit a Colossal and place the Gobber in its back arc to tie up something else. That gives quite a lot of flexibility.
  • If they were a unit, they would be great with Barnabas due to Iron Flesh late game. A DEF 17 Gobber in melee is hard to displace. I guess even on one model it could be worth it in the right situation. Apart from that, I can't think of any specific caster synergies (it is after all 4am).
  • 2pts for 3 isn't an optimal price point (1pt for 2 would be better I think) but it's not terrible.
  • Overall, a neat 2pt filler that isn't much worse or better than our current 2pt fillers (Pendrake, Croak Hunters).


  1. Don't forget the gobbers too, they work for blind water!

  2. Nice write up, really looking forward to the croaks but not figured out the gobbers yet

  3. I think these bring a lot for calaban, and he has the occultation to protect them on the advance.

  4. I didn't like Exigence at all for gators, and I think we're still owed something for the disappointment that was the Boneswarm. Will we ever see more gator-type heavies?

    1. It's all part of the Minions experience :)