Saturday, February 21, 2015

Next HORDES book! New stuff! Gargantuans for everyone! Yay!


The much-hyped Smogcon announcement was put up on Youtube today, and as everyone and their dog expected following the Colossals announcement, Hordes is getting more Gargantuans.

To be fair, they do look sort of interesting from a design perspective (both model and rules), with a stronger support element in the Troll and Legion ones especially. I won't go into too much detail, you can get all that speculation from someone who thinks Gargossals aren't the worse thing to happen to Warmachine so far :)

On the Minion side of things, we got the following info:

1) We are not getting a Gargantuan. If you expected one, you clearly have not been playing Minions long enough.

2) This:

What this is exactly, only PP and its playtesters know. It looks a lot like Maelok except has a chain of human tiny skulls around its neck, indicating that it is much bigger than Maelok. Thus it is likely a large-based warbeast of some kind. That could potentially be the perfect release for Blindwater, perhaps leading to a plastic Wrastler kit.

It is quite likely to be Undead, or at the very least something to do with passage to the world of the dead. I would then speculate that it has some kind of douchy Cryxian ability like anti-magic, making Feralgeists, magical weapons, going incorporeal, Dark Shroud.... any of that BS. Or probably all of it. That would be sweet, and not completely unreasonable following the Sacral Vault.

I also suspect that it'll have an affinity with Calaban, just to piss me off......


  1. Whilst the new gargantuan look cool, it will remain to be seen if they are any good yeah.

    It was a bit annoying tho that all we got was a still; no meat thresher model, no new rules preview for either pact!

  2. Affinity is Channeler with Calaban.

    1. That would be.... actually cool.

      BTW 10/10 troll points for the name :P

    2. The information on the affinity came from a PP employee at Templecon. I forget his name.

      TY for the troll points! :D

  3. Gems for eyes are awesome! Except that it will probably be missing the bite attack.

  4. What would you think about it being a character warbest for Maelok? Could be awesome. :D

    1. Cool, but less likely than the Calaban idea I think. ~3 years seems to be the average PP "fix" time to stuff.