Friday, April 5, 2013

Basking in the sun

Not much going on for me Warmachine-wise. Most of the guys I play with have taken an extended break or temporarily rage quit the game in order to play DotA since they love the feeling of knocking on doors and then running away to hide in the bushes.... over and over and over again. I personally am not feeling too enthused about losing to tough weapon master swarms either, so am casually playing a game every week or two at most.

I played another game against Ret using Rask, and again came away victorious on scenario despite a potentially critical mistake (forgetting to Submerge Snapjaw against Ossyan, whose army never melees anything). Rask did nothing but feat, miss a gun shot, and cast Fury on the Posse. He did manage to score 4 control points by running to a flag though - nobody expects the crazy fishman.

Despite my initial disappointment with Gargantuans and intention to move on to playing Skorne, I still haven't bought any Skorne stuff. I realized I can still experience the game to its fullest with the models I have and probably play better that way, despite Privateer Press' best efforts. So the future remains unknown, but for the moment I am just playing Blindwater lists.

But at least I don't play Pigs. Have you seen the new league Road Hog? The one that trades fire for corrosion and Full Bore for Purge? Yep, that happened. And the best part is all the Pig players with their Stockholm Syndrome are lapping it up. The world has truly gone haywire.

And for the most exciting Gator news of the year, here's a newly discovered species of newt that looks like a crocodile:

After much discussion, we probably won't be attending Nicon, despite the affordability of the accommodation and transport options. Instead, the next thing to get worked up about will be the potential Wolfcon in Auckland 2 weeks after in June. Should be sweet. Until then, we just keep on making bets on the Shamblers release date.

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  1. I don't play DOTA like the other guys, msg me for a game more often. I promise to play some kind of handicap list you have a chance of beating.