Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rot n Roll - 2013

New Year's resolutions and plans seem to be all the rage, so I might as well write a little something, with many links:

Maelok's retirement plan

My plans for 2013:

1 - Don't play another faction

Warmahordes is a game where it's easy, and even encouraged, to whore yourself out to different factions and casters, try out different playstyles, seek out the power combos, learn to faceroll with Cryx infantry spam and so on.

That's all well and good, but it's not for me. As mentioned in my first post, I get a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of being creative with limited resources (much like one of my personal heroes, Macgyver). Therefore I am planning to play nothing but Gatormans for the whole year, and relish taking a Gatorman Posse in every list just because I have to. My wife will surely be pleased at this cost-saving initiative. 

Essentially, I plan to remain a SLAVE TO THE GRIND and resist temptation from all the awesome bald casters out there (Testament, Krueger, MacBain, etc.)

2 - Play at least three games a month (not counting tournaments)

Self-explanatory. Fortunately a month is plenty long, and setting realistic goals is the key to achieving them.

3 - Play in at least three tournaments

I quit playing the game for a good chunk of 2012 and think I only played in one or two tournaments the whole year (it also seems I 'won' (1) both, judging by the beer mugs in my kitchen). This is partially due to my feelings towards two-day events (unnecessarily double expensive and lengthy), but there is talk of more one-day, 3-4 round 50pt events near or within Auckland so hopefully I'll be motivated to attend more tournaments without giving up an entire weekend and a hefty chunk of cash!

I've already signed up for Ides of March 2013, which looks to be one of the biggest Warmachine tournaments ever held in this country, so I'm hoping for a solid 30th place finish there.

4 - Keep writing on this blog every once in a while

Well, we have at least two new models coming out this year - Rask and Trog Shamblers -  and probably another beast and solo. I'm sure I can milk that for a couple of months. I could even write PP a 'thank you' letter for not disappointing us by giving Blindwater a crappy gargantuan (here's to you, Legion and Trolls).

Given the subject area I have chosen to write about (half of the smallest faction in a miniatures game), things will be slow, but hopefully tales of glorious elf killing and getting tabled by Terminus alone will find their way here.

5 - Let people know I stole the title of this blog from a CARCASS song

CARCASS is also one of the greatest extreme metal bands of our time and released four stylistic paradigm albums in their lifespan (grindcore, deathgrind, melodic death, rot n' roll).

The more you know....

(1) By 'won', I mean 'was handed victory by Luke on two separate but distinct occasions'.

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